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Cancellation and Refunds policy

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation of orders must be requested no later than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery time. After this timeframe, we regretfully cannot process refunds or accommodate changes to the delivery date. Please be aware that cancellation requests on the day of delivery will not be accepted.

Orders that are not picked up without notice will NOT be refunded. Orders that require delivery and cannot be delivered due to customer’s wrong information or availability will be taken back to Maison des Macarons and will be stored until further notice from the customer (up to 24hrs). Should you require a re-delivery/future delivery date after an attempted delivery, you will be held responsible for an additional delivery charge ($30). Due to the nature of our business and our quality and freshness assurance, we will dispose the product that is not picked up or delivered within 24 hours after the due time and you will NOT be refunded due to the above mentioned.

To change or cancel your order, you must email: with your order number. 


Refunds policy:

We do not offer returns and exchanges on perishable food items or gift box packaging unless the product is proven to be faulty.

If your Maison des Macarons product is faulty or does not meet our quality standards to your satisfaction, you may return it within three days of purchase to the Maison des Macrons pick up location. 

To return an item, the item must be as complete as possible and in its original packaging, and you must provide your receipt or other proof of purchase.

In addition to the Proof of Purchase documents, we also require that satisfactory identification be presented at the time of making the return.Satisfactory identification includes:

  • A current Driver’s License, including Learners permit with photograph

  • Proof of Age card that is approved by the Government with photograph and signature with the seal

  • Blind Citisens Card with photograph

  • Australian or International Passport

  • Police, Government or Armed Services sealed identification card with photograph

  • Pension cards

We do not offer cash refunds.

To enable us to maintain our high product standards, you may be required to provide details of your product purchase, its handling and storage and the product fault.

Be noted that refunds will not be available where the product problem has been caused by you not properly handling or storing the product, or not eating the product within its designated shelf life.

Goods cannot be exchanged due to incorrect choice or change of mind once the product has left the company premises.

If you have any issues or complaints with this returns process or you wish to provide us with product feedback, please email:

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