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Step into the world of our Custom Macaron Collection, where you are the curator of flavor. Choose from a tempting array of nine exquisite options and select two delightful flavors. This is your exclusive opportunity to craft a macaron experience that is genuinely unique. Embrace the freedom to personalize a box of macarons, tailored precisely to your taste. Elevate your moments to a new level of sweetness with MaisondesMacarons.

12 Macaron Delights Box

  • Macarons are carefully crafted using only the finest and purest natural ingredients, completely void of any artificial additives or preservatives. To savor their freshness and flavors, enjoy them within 4-5 days and store any leftovers in the fridge to maintain their natural goodness and texture. For the ultimate enjoyment, take them out of the fridge 30 minutes before eating to relish them at room temperature. Avoid freesing to preserve their delightful taste and texture.

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